This website is still under construction.

Design Idea My design idea about webpage for songs.


At Zodiacon 2017, I have met "Czech Music Furries". It was Saturday Afternoon (early night) and I heard someone playing on a guitar from tables which are often empty (or only occupied by few).
I have guitar myself (I am not playing on it often enough) so I really enjoyed it.

Problem was with "notes" (lyrics + chords). It is not easy to sing in about 10 people with only 2 or 3 lyric Song-Book.
That was when I decided to create simple website to store lyrics (with chords and timing).


I would like to add Ads to keep it running without me. Registered users can disable ads for free.

Lyrics and Chords

Main part of the website are lyrics and chords.
It should allow simple direct printing on printing using @media print (CSS).
It may also contain QR code to link back to the song.


Because each and every song has its own timing. To get it right, you need to listen it over and over again.
To help wit it, I want to add "karaoke" - timing for blocks of texts.


To make printing easier, I decided to add "playlists" which can be composed into a Song-Book (front logo, content, page numbers...). And also mark it as printed to prevent editing it (it can still be cloned to create another version).


I was thinking about adding music too (for those who can play better then just chords) but it would take too long time to add them so I don't expect it to be present for most songs.


Mobile version should allow you to download songs (to use them without Internet). You can then play them (with timing) as only lyrics, lyrics and chords or chords only (with guitar illustration).