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Magic is forming our world but most people do not know about it. It may take years to learn how to interact with it even for someone talented.
There are different sources / components of magic:
The color is something we gave it. You learn to feel its presence during your training and if you live and train long enough, you will become good enough to see it all around you.

When you cast a spell, there is always Artificial part in it. During your training, you learn to minimize this part but it will always be there.


To strengthen your connection, you need to practise.
One of methods to do so, you can meditate.

You learn how to create a spirit (objects made and visible only by magic). At first, the spirit will reflect you but after training, you will be able to focus it to be only (mainly) one color.
To master this, you need to be able to have (at least) 4 spirits (one for each color).