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Xenomorph is a creature from Alien franchise and Alien vs Predator franchise.
It has black latex-like skin, long head and spiked tail.

Whole body is covered in gray semi-transparent sticky liquid which is its saliva.


Head is much longer then human head (1:2 for front:back part). Teeth are sharp with shiny metal surface. Inside it's mouth is Inner jaw with another set of teeth. The Inner jaw can extend outside (like piston) and penetrate most materials.

Young / Drone

Young (Drone) has flat surface of head because it is covered by semi-transparent dome.
Under the dome, the head is same as of Adult but with human-like face (eye and nose holes).

Adult / Warrior

Adult (Warrior) has bumpy head because it lacks dome over it.
Also has no eye/nose holes and small spikes on top of head.


Tail has spikes over top edge (on each part of tail) and ends with sharp blade.


It has slim humanoid body with visible ribs, arch over each shoulder and 4 pipes on back.

Legs & Arms

Both limbs look like bones covered by thin layer of skin but that is only illusion.
In fact, their body structure is as efficient as it can be and some bones (like feet and hands) are visible because there is no unnecessary body mass.


Their blood is strong acid which is cannot be stopped by anything known to humans.
Its color is Toxic (Lime) Green () and fades to Yellowish Green () as it is exposed to (something in) atmosphere.