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Basic Info

Plasmacaster (also reered as Plasma Cannon or Shoulder Cannon) is cannon on Yautja's shoulder / backpack. It shoots plasma projectiles (blue) and is targeted by Bio-Mask.


There are many different designs.
Dominant are Jungle Hunter's round (I found only the one used by Scar but they are almost the same). I only saw cosplays with this one.
Second is the one used by City Hunter - the flat design.
When I was looking around for Yautja designs I discovered this art with triangle-shaped cannon.

I do not like the flat design and the round one has too many little things attached (and I want clean design).
I decided to take a triangle as default shape and build on it.
Complete Plasmacaster Design
Plasmacaster Design - Separated Parts
On the first image you can see the Plasmacaster completed.
The second one is separated into parts for 3D print. The only exception is barrel which I had to cut in half for printing.
Plasmacaster Design - Prepared for 3D print
For creating my model, I have used FreeCAD and then completed them (and prepared for 3D print) in Blender.
OBJ file for 3D print.

The hole in body is for aiming laser but I do not have design for it. It is mostly because I am not decided about color and shape (type) of the laser diode.
Talking about electronics, inside should be MG995 Servo with Round Metal Arm.
Inside the barrel (between barrel and body) is hexagon hole. Inside it should be placed 5W / 10W Blue LED (450nm - 495nm by Wikipedia). I really believe it is not too deep in the barrel.

I was thinking about adding some hoops but I decided against it (maybe after having it in my hands).

I am not sure about size of my model so I do not recommend you printing it yourself (at least before me). I want longer barrel then body but not too long compared to head.