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To listen to music when in my Casual Fursuit, I will need a headphones.
I can use Ear-fitting Headphones under fur but it would require taking the head down (unzipping it) every time I want to put them on / off. I also need to mention that I do not like headphones in my ears.

I was browsing the Internet for some time looking for a design for (anthro) furries.
I found this design published Jul 22nd, 2017 06:07 PM which can be used by both humans and anthros. I will need to redesign it myself (because of different position) but this is good design to start with.
The same problem is on this image (found on Reddit) but I do not like this design because it is being hold by ears which may cause discomfort.

I myself have Genius GX Gaming LYCHAS HS-G550 (broken and probably trashed), Prestigio pHS2 (broken and repaired, not fitting) and Hama uRage xPlode.


Let's start with technical specifications.
Sound type Stereo
Microphone None
Connector 3.5mm Audio Jack
Cable length from ~100cm / ~39"
to ~200cm / ~78"
Volume control None
Build-in in headphones
Volume 80 dB
Frequency 400 Hz to 8,000 Hz

I was looking around and I found 30mm (diameter) / 0.5W / 8Ω speaker to be fitting. It has frequency from ~400 to ~10,000.

For anatomy, I am using MagpieBone's Black Wolf Head.
It confirmed me on using over-head holder. Because I need to deliver sound to human ears (through the fur), I decided to use loop design at on bottom-most point of the loop hidden behind small holes (lines).
I will also place black mesh into place where should be speakers for anthro ears.

Because I do not want to deal with cable, I decided to use Male-To-Male 3.5mm Audio Jack cable and place Female 3.5mm Audio Jack into headphones. That will allow me to swap cables (and headphones) when damaged.

Flattened Design (from side) of Headphones
I opened FreeCAD and started my design. All values are by eye only to give the right expression (dimensions are 110mm x 211.6mm).

The bottom circle (diameter 30mm, radius 15mm) is for a speaker and the top ellipse (20mm x 45mm) is for fake speaker (for anthro ears).
There should be 2 moving parts. First on top edge and second on bottom edge of the rectangle on the left side (right above X axis (red, horizontal line) with height of 10mm).
The upper movement should be around X axis (in 3D space) to fit the ear, the bottom movement should be around right point around Z axis (in 3D space, towards camera). Those two rotations should allow it to fit any canines and felines.
I was thinking about adding a resize mechanism to fit Y position of human ear and size of head (Z axis on the image). I am not sure about adding the first but the second could be easily done by extensible part on top of head.

The 3.5mm Audio Connector should be placed in left ear (on the image) right behind the human speaker (on the image it would be in place of 55 mm and 20 mm labels).

I tried to implement some kind of volume control. There are 2 ways to do so.
First is to add potentiometer like in most controls of headphones (on cable).
Second (which I like more) is adding Linear potentiometer (Fader) to back edge of the headphone. I have the same potentiometer (as on Wikipedia) with me so I can tell you dimensions (I do not know its name): 90x13x11mm body + 10mm pins + 21mm x 7mm / 4mm x 1mm slider.

3D print

Before making the design above into usable version (model for printing), I will need a fursuit to measure on (in my case the Casual Fursuit because I do not want / need it for Fursona's fursuit (because I will have throat microphone with one ear speaker under the fur) ).