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Try not to mention this in front of me because if you fail,
I may fail in not punching you.
My race has one advantage - regeneration. We can regenerate cuts and even limbs. I do not know why but for some reason mine wings did not regenerate yet (which may be caused be emotions connected with them). For some time, I had feeling that I will soon get them back but when something personal (do not want to specify here) happened, I lost my hope. Let me tell you story how I lost them. When you enjoy life, there is always someone who wants to stop you. I don't remember what, why or how happened. I only remember kneeling on rock floor, being held on place by two people and someone else getting rid of my wings by a saw. At least I think they were three because I had blindfold. I am not a weak person so they had problems holding me in place. When I freed my right hand to put the blindfold down, they all pushed me against floor, tied and pulled somewhere else (probably other room). In the other place they tied me to a table and one of them was kneeling on me while working on the wings again. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced because it did not hurt only physically but mentally too. Did you ever lose a limb like leg or tail? Not main one as an arm but something else. At the end of the procedure they left me tied up. After about minute I felt asleep (or more probably into unconsciousness) because I woke up in grass on meadow. I knew where I was but I though it was dream until I got up from ground. Right after that I lost balance and felt back down. I turn my head in a second and saw that my dream was not dream... It is very hard for me to speak or write about it. I am looking forward for them to grow back. I believe it to happen when I get mentally better and / or when I get a partner / girlfriend. Please, wish me luck and do not mention it in front of me (and do not show me winged wolves).