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Everyone need something to eat and I have no problem with hunting. I do not use magic for hunting. I use either my feral form or bow and arrow. I got them when I met my family. Warning - this article is mostly out-of-character. I am sorry for it but it is to have some details in it.


I was thinking about folding design but it is too much space for bow and quiver to have always with me. So I decided to keep it at home for time I need it. There are 3 main types of bows (ignoring crossbow): For authenticity, I rejected Compound bow (for its complexity). After looking around, I settled on Recurve bow (from which I was shooting at collage). There are different national designs, modern and traditional designs... I decided I want Traditional Single-piece Black Recurve Bow. That means without special handle, sights or nocking point on bowstring.


There are 2 main things I have to consider: For Arrowhead, I have 2 options: I decided on Broadhead because I feel it fits me better (they are used for war and hunting so it is authentic). With feathers it may sound easy, just to choose color but there is more to it. I recommend you to look at this guide. You can have 6 fletch arrows or flu-flu arrow but I still want normal 3 fletch arrows. For colors, I want 2 black + 1 white combination. The white fletching is called Cock feather or Index feather and is perpendicular to the bowstring. It is only logical I want wooden arrows (light color) with inbuilt wooden nock. I would recommend you to take a look at those arrows because I like their look.


Do not take functional bow and arrows to conventions (and other actions). Problem with arrows is with safety. You cannot have bow with based arrow (prepared for shooting) which will not shoot. You can have your bowstring very loose and not do any force on pulling it so it will not be able to shoot but it will still look dangerous (it may cause problems with security) and when taking arrow out, you will have to re-stretch your bowstring to not hang there. I think I saw some cosplayers to have the arrow glued in place to prove that it will not shoot (even with no force from bowstring).


There are different positions for a quiver (position, pulling): For shooting fast, it is best to have it hanging on your belt but I do not want to wear a belt to I will stay at pulling them over my shoulder. It can have round or drop shape. I would say that for pulling over shoulder, it is better to have the round one. For not getting arrows stuck to each other (because of not having bullet-shape arrowhead), I would like to have the quiver split into multiple sub-quivers (each only for few arrows). It would hang on my back by leather strap. The quiver should also have small handle to store the bow.