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Give players different weapon and they will fight each other about which weapon is better.

I will be using data from List of weapons from Counter-Strike 1.6 and I will be using their Original name.


Knife is useless. You will never get close enough to use it. And it does not kill instantly.
That may be true but there are players using knife to troll other players or for getting more movement speed (not only for bhop).
Another advantage is that you will always have the knife because you cannot throw it away.


There are 4 pistols available for both teams and one only for one team (ES Five-Seven for CT and .40 Dual Elites for T).
You can use/buy a pistol with silencer (H&K USP .45 Tactical) or Desert Eagle .50AE which deal more damage then knife and is used to instantly kill enemy (it has 7 rounds in magazine and some players are trying to use only 5 of them to kill all 5 enemies).


There are 2 shotguns.

Submachine guns

This is category of weapons when you want something automatic but does not have money for Assault rifles.
There is also Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol for CT (there is Ingram MAC-10 as alternative for T) which has silencer and lowest damage in whole game (same as CT only pistol FN Five-Seven but it has 50% more damage through armor).

Machine gun

FN M249 Para is most expensive weapon in whole game, deal average damage but has 100 ammo in magazine.

Assault rifles

Most used group of weapons and most different for each team because there are 3 weapons which are not same (not even in their statistics).

Sniper rifles

There are 2 main types of sniper rifles and 1 team-specific.