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As Casual Wear, I mean Partial Fursuit with Use-Your-Own-Eyes head (head + paws + feet + tail) and some casual clothing. The Fursuit part will probably be from MagpieBones (Fur Affinity, DeviantArt, website). I will also need amber-colored eye contact lenses (amber is between orange and yellow). I am not wearing lenses (I have no problem with eyes like glasses) but I had a pair few years ago. That is why I want to buy a pair now (I will need to check it with a doctor because of my time spent in front of PC) because they do limit vision (view angle). Parts are: I was also thinking about adding wings but then I decided against it to keep it casual. There is big chance of me wearing it often and I do not want to worry about them (for example hitting someone). When looking for the lenses, I found Orange or Gold Twilight Vampire to be fitting my idea but I may choose brighter color (after testing) for better contrast against the fur (and black fog around eyes).