This website is still under construction.

I am currently unemployed. I wanted to be unemployed during High School (Kyberna - Sš a Voš aplikované kybernetiky s.r.o.) to learn as much as I could (by making different prototyping projects) by myself. From September of 2017 I am studying on ČVUT FIT in Prague but during 1st semester I discovered that I do not like Collage (they tell you that you should learn it yourself so there is no need to go there + there are required homework to do...) and Prague (too many people (humans) and cigarette smokers). So I do not know how long I will spend there (I am trying to spend as less of my time in Prague as possible). I made this website to store and write down some ideas and code. To show what I do (to learn new things or when I am just bored). In short, I hate repetitive work and I think deeply about all projects (I need as much information as possible because my hyperactive brain). I did some projects for money: After those (and a website for my friend which I did for free and he did not retrieved it from me when done) I decided to not work on my own. Of course I should have let everyone sign a contract for me but they were friends... At Secondary School, I was learning Delphi 7 (Pascal), PHP (+ HTML & CSS & JavaScript) and Java (for modding of Minecraft, I also learned Lua from Computer Craft). At High School, I learned C# (+ ASP.NET MVC Razor), Microcontroller C, C / C++ and Android Java.