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Me and Myself

For this photo, I will need to put someone into my Fursuit and make some photo with it.
It will also require me to wear contact lenses (amber / orange color). I do not know what I will wear but it will probably be a black suit with white shirt.

At least on one photo (because when I get someone into the Fursuit, it would be good to make more photos), I want to have the Fursuit on my right side (to left from me on the photo / from forward).
I also want a photo of my hand crossing / merging with Fursuit's paw.

Me, Myself and I

This is something similar to Me and Myself with one additional Fursuit (Casual Wear).
If it was hard to find someone to fit into my Fursuit, it will be much harder to find someone who fits Casual Wear Fursuit because it not only need someone about my size but also someone who fits shoes, the clothing (to not be too tight or too loosely) and with no problem wearing contact lenses (which I will need to give him / her because sharing of contact lenses is not recommended).
I want to keep the layout of Me and Myself which means having my Fursuit on my right and Casual Wear Fursuit on my left (meaning I will be in between).