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Dalesiars (pronounced as ???) are humanoid race with evolved from lizards but have wings (similar to Demonic Wings by structure). Their body is covered by scales and hard to penetrate. They are also ectotherm which means that they have cold blood (cannot control their internal temperature) which gives them more strength and agility in environments with higher temperature. Females also have pair bone spikes on head (plain straight horns) pointing backwards.


Health ???
Stamina ???
Intelligence ???
Strength ???
Radiation Survivability ???
Breath ???
Finger Count ???
Those are default race statistics which may differ for each character.


Females (Dalesiars with horns) are dominant - they are leaders in politics, work and reproduction. Female which looses horns (by accident or as punishment) will never mate again (will not find a new mate and her current mate has all rights to leave her). Not only that female is the one choosing her mate but they also have Caste system. That means she can choose only from same caste (or lower). There can be exceptions (for higher castes) but are rare and decided by leaders. Home Fights are not rare but are their way to show attraction in each other. Dalesiars are laying eggs after 42 days of pregnancy. It takes about 90 days for eggs to hatch out. For female it takes about 14 years to be considered mature but for male it is almost 19 years. Female were forced to lay eggs before they were send to war because it triggers protective instinct in them and they are much more aggressive.


Dalesiars are from planed called ??? which is very dry with low coverage of vegetation. ...