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Basic info

Nickname Abit
Abit Gray
Abit The Gray
"Real" name David
I prefer to use my nickname.
You can use both Gray and Grey.
Age ~20 years
Nation Czech
Gender / Sex Male
Relationship status Single
Interested in females.
Height ~175cm / ~5.7ft
Spiritual Animal Wolf
Favorite Color(s) Orange
Light Gray
Yes, those are colors of Kofola.
(Bloody) Red
(Royal) Blue
Social Media Telegram
I use Telegram for most of my chatting.
Installed on both my computer and phone (when on Wi-Fi).
I recommend you using this (or email) if you want to contact me.

I have it off most of the time.
(Logged me out and crashes on login)

Sometimes forget to start it for days.

I do not accept invites from strangers (and messages may not appear).

Fur Affinity
I am not used to read notes (I may not notice new notes).

I am using my 2nd Steam most of time.
Other GitHub
(Some) Favorite songs
Holly Henry (EN) The Sound of Silence (Cover)
Peter, Paul & Mary (EN) Lemon Tree
Karel Kryl (CZ) Dneska už se smí
Spásonosný song
Kain IX.
Jarek Nohavica (CZ) Kývací plyšový pes
Kupte si hřebeny
U totemu tančí kmen
Leninova ulice
Asonance (CZ) Alison Gros
Na rozkaz krále
Čarodějnice z Amesbury
Dva havrani
Van Diemenova zem
Království keltů
Klíč (CZ) Lou z Lille
(Tarotová) Třináctka
Pohár a kalich
Hop Trop (CZ) Veselá bída Vodácká holka
I was learning programming since secondary school (mainly because I was bored). Tried a lot of languages (Delphi 7 (Pascal), PHP, Java, C#, C/C++...) but I am most comfortable with C# because I consider it better language for prototyping then C. I like how everyone should fit into specific box for everything. It may be good for statistics but I do not feel myself to fit into any box. It is too complex to simplify. I am not best living human on earth but I am not trying to. I am here to live my life, enjoy it and try to not mad by everyone else.