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Feet / Paw Boots

To make feet, we will need fur (of course) and Boots / Shoe to place them on. We can use normal shoe but it will not make Digitigrade effect. To imitate the effect, we have different types of (female) boots covered by fur. Because we want to have it comfortable, we can cross out Ballet Boots (I have no experience with them but as I was reading around, it is almost painful to walk in them). We also want it to be knee-height because we will use fur to add final height. It would be good for the boot to have no zipper because we will place our own (hidden) zipper on the fur. I also must note here that I am not used to walking on a heel. When I was wearing suit in dancing lessons, I had shoe with 1.5cm / 0.6" heel and it took a lot of time to get used to it. I was looking around the Internet with no success. Sometimes I found boots fitting my idea but they are not in my foot size. My shoe size is 44 Euro (Men). That means 11 US / 10.5 UK (Men), 12 US / 42-43 Euro / 10 UK (Women) based on this Shoe Size Chart. Because of no fitting shape, I decided on making my own base for Feet (at least try it). I will base it on 3D print but to limit clicking sound (which I do with my shoe with no heel), I decided to cast sole from hard rubber but rest to be solid. I also want to use latex to blend edge of fur to the shoe. The design will be based on High No Heel Platform Ankle Boots (the 3D print) and MagpieBones's (Web, DeviantArt, FurAffinity) Digiboots.


Because I do not have 3D printer (yet), I will have to use solid material and cut the base (sole + heel / wedge) from it. For rest of the shoe (between sole and ankle) I want to use some kind of (thick) fabric to keep my leg in. Then it should be covered by fur to height of knee (under knee, secured by strip of rubber and lined by latex?). It should be enough for me because I do not wear shorts but if you want to, you can make leggings from it (above hips). //TODO pawpads //TODO claws