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I was watching Agraelus playing Demon's Souls and when I saw Skeletons from 4-1 locations, I fall in love.
Then I started looking around for Skeleton Armor ideas and found Bone Armor from Shroud of the Avatar.

I want to have Medieval-like armor for a long time but I do not know what I want more - wear it (I do not know where / when) or have it next to my room door.
When I say Medieval-like armor I mean Fantasy Medieval Armor because I am not interrested in medieval roleplay but I may want to visit some LARPs (Live Action Role Play) but probably not play in it.

I also asked myself - when I want Fantasy Armor, why to keep it at human-like skeleton when I can do more?
So I decided to create Dragon Skeleton Armor. I know that it is stupid to have horns on armor (because why add big weakness to armor?) but it just looks better (and I can make them detachable).

What material should I use?
I would really like to have it full handwork metal but I do not want to fall on my knee every time I take it on.
That gives me 2 simple options: