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Wing structure

To extend / retract wings, I need some kind of mechanism.
Wings animation.
I have created a simple animation of the mechanism. I animated only few frames (in Blender) and let it connect automatically (that is why it does not fit all the time).
At the animation, there are 2 fixed points - first in about half of middle yellow part, second on right-most edge of crossing of green and yellow parts.
To use this mechanism, I only need to rotate the middle yellow part.

Before adding technical drawings, I can say that I am counting with about 2m wing span.

Move mechanism

Wings Holders - Completed
To complete it, I will need 3 bearings (inner 5mm diameter for pink (2 pieces) + 6mm diameter for orange (both with outer diameter of 9mm) ).
The pink and orange parts are 1:50 worm gears connected to stepper motor (right side of orange piece). Wings Holders - for 3D print
Those models are prepared for 3D print (Downloadable here).

There is missing small pieces which are for wing limits (by 2 microswitches).
This solves problem with rotation but I (currently) have no idea how to attach wings to keep them in place (while allowing them to be detached for storing or wearing Fursuit without them).
After printing those parts, we need to make small holes into bottom face of the parts to connect them to Back Plate with self-tapping screws.