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Arvians (pronounced as R-vians) are humanoid race with evolved from birds. Their hollowed bones got filled (still weaker then normal ground creatures but much stronger then birds) which made their life on ground easier. Their wings also stunt because they were not using them but they can still glide on them. Body is still covered by feathers. Difference between males and females is in their beaks. Females have narrow straight beak for catching insects and males have it more similar to falcons. Thanks to this, their babies have variety of food which should give them all nutrients they need but is problem when one of parents die (they do not leave their partners).


Health ???
Stamina ???
Intelligence ???
Strength ???
Radiation Survivability ???
Breath ???
Finger Count ???
Those are default race statistics which may differ for each character.


Both of parents lay one egg which are visually same but laid egg has same sex as its parent (who laid it). DNA of each egg is almost same as its laying parent with minimum DNA from the other. Parents take care about both of their children from time when they hatch out until they are mature (old enough to have their own children). There was time when there was majority of one sex and eggs were being destroyed to restore balance (which made more problems then it solved).


Arvians are from planet named ??? where is minimum of liquid water (no sea only small lakes and thin rivers) and mostly covered by rocky mountains. Ancient Arvians were not biggest race inhabiting air but were spread over whole planet. To save their energy, they started spending most of their time on ground and their body started getting used to it. After some time they grew clawed fingers on wings which they used to create tools for easier eating of prey (mainly for females to tear meat). Because of large number of birds, Ancient Arvians were building their nests inside small caves in mountains to hide their unprotected eggs from other birds. When something got inside (insects), it was small enough for hatched Arvians to eat it. There were times when on some parts of planet was not enough food for Arvians living there. To survive, they have started to group-up. They also started something like farming - taking care of natural sources of fruits by eliminating plants blocking them and protecting them from other animals. They consider anti-gravity technology to be their biggest milestone because it allowed them creating buildings in air which is place where they feel much more comfortable.