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This is Psychological Atmospheric Game in Low-poly style.
I choose the Low-poly style to force player's imagination to activate.

The game is about a female wolf giving birth to 4 pups in wild. While she is trying to take care about them, 3 of them die.
  1. During birth
  2. At the morning
  3. When mother come with hunted food
She picks up the last one (into her mouth) and decides to make her home somewhere else.
During her walk out, she encounters a bear. The pup hides and mother (you) fights the bear. When she wins, she starts looking around for her pup.
It takes her some time to locate it and they start moving away.
At the end of map (start of fog), camera locks in place (on them walking away) and mother starts transforming her shape into human (the pup transform into her suitcase).